Silver Shadow 5×10 Review Bill and Lynn

Hi Southland RV,

Thank you ever so much in making our purchase of our Silver Shadow 5X10 travel trailer. Was a wonderful buy experience.

Matt solved all the problems that came up like the pro he is. You have a super nice crew. Please tell Matt that I am very thankful to have been able to work with him.

Well, here is how our trip back to Tulsa went:

Got a fast education pulling the Silver Shadow as we passed through Atlanta. Fast and furious education that was. By the time we go to the west side of Atlanta, I felt like a pro. Did not run anyone off the road in all the high speed lance changes.

The Silver Shadow 5×10 trails along like that is nothing back there. Good thing I can see the fenders in my side rear view mirrors. Now it to time to get used to seeing that Star Gazer window in my rear view mirror, it just had to tail gate me all the way home.

We stopped at a campgrounds just on the west side of Memphis and spend the night. The Silver Shadow sleeps very good. Felt like a natural night sleep.
We did not cook are anything as we were on a tight schedule. Ate at the camp ground cafe.

Made is home with out any unexpected event.

Our round trip was 1680 miles, well worth the drive as the Silver Shadow is perfect and your organizations is prefect.

Thanks again,

Bill and Lynn

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